Foam – (1″ x 12″ x 12″ = Per Boardfoot)

SE / FR = Fire Retardant
P10 Super Soft
P12 Soft
P17 Medium Soft
P22 Medium Economy Grade
P22 Charcoal Medium Economy Grade
P26 Medium Better Grade
P36 Medium Better Grade
P40 Firm Economy Grade
P50 Firm Better Grade
P55 Extra Firm (loaded)
P60 Firm
P65 Firm Better Grade
P80 Extra Firm
P95 Extra Firm
P100 Extra Firm Better Grade
P125 Hard
P220 Soft Nimbus
P230 Medium Firm Nimbus
P240 Firm Nimbus Anti Microbial
P10SE Super Soft FR – MVSS 302, Calif. 117.1
P17SE Firm Better GradeSoft FR – MVSS 302, Calif. 117.1
P34SE Medium FR – MVSS 302, Calif. 117.1
P65SE Firm FR – MVSS 302, Calif. 117.1
P80SE Extra Firm – MVSS 302, Calif. 117.1
P230SE Medium Firm Nimbus FR

G30 High Density
G50 High Density
G65 CMR High Density, Mildew Res., Fire Ret.

HR-25 FR – High Resiliency
HR-35 FR – High Resiliency
HR-45 FR – High Resiliency
HR-55 FR – High Resiliency
HR-70A Antimicrobial – High Resiliency
HR-10 FR – High Resiliency Extra Hard

EZ-Dri Foam 30
EZ-Dri 50 White
EZ-Dri 60 Charcoal
EZ-Dri 70

Foam T40 Blue
#7 Rebond Foam

DAX 25
DAX 45
DAX 55
DAX 90

Charcoal Polyester UVMR

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