Pastel Green 20243

Pattern: One
Color Name: Pastel Green 20243
Industry: Automotive & RV, Aviation, Furniture Office, Furniture Residential, Healthcare, Hotel & Lodging, Marine, Restaurant
Material: Silicone
Use: Indoor/Outdoor


Content: Silicone
Backing: 85% Silicone, 15% Polyester
Weight: 30 oz. per lin. yd.
Width: 56.6″
Roll size: 21.9 yd

High Performance

Bleach Cleanable
Compliant cytotoxicity, Skin Irritation (Degree 0: no reactivity)
Environment Friendly ISO 14001
Extreme Working Temperatures (-58° F /+302° F)
Inherently Antimicrobial
Inherent Fluid Barrier
Mildew Resistance
Mold Resistance Degree 0, Excellent
Oil Resistant
Sulfide Stain Resistant
Suited to Extreme Conditions
Vertical furniture system application
PVC and Phthalate Free

665,000+ double rub cycles Wyzenbeek, cotton duck

Superior UV Stability (1500 hours)

Manufacturer 7-year warranty

Flame Retardancy:
Cal. T.B. 117-2013, Sect. 1
FAR 25.853(a)
IMO MSC.307 (2010 FTP Code)
Annex 1, Pt. 8
EN 1021.1-2
MVSS 302
NFPA 260, Class 1